About Us

We believe in cruelty free fashion. Vegan leather bags can be both stylish and have good quality. So in 2018 we decided to see if we could show that to the world and started this small shop.

Based in Sweden, we think globally and ship world-wide for free. 


Vegan is key. The vegan leather bags in our shop never consist of leather from any animal. Animal welfare and well-being is our top priority.

A few different high quality vegan materials are used in our vegan leather bags. Most of our vegan leather bags are made from tough fabric based non-woven microfiber leather with a polyuretane resin coating. We believe this material is environmentally better than other alternatives such as vinyl or cow leather. It is strong and easy to clean, has a natural flexible leather feel and is resistant to water as well as staining, scratching and tearing.

Long lasting products are very important to us. Our bags are not made to last a season but are made to be a used for many years. If you are not using your bag any longer, please do not throw it away, but rather give it to someone who will use it.



E-mail: sales@vegiabags.com

Phone : +46 761 91 01 70

Dr Wengbergs Gata 4

413 25 Gothenburg



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